Lead Lined Doors

(X-Ray Doors)

Lead Lined Doors for radiation shielding 

Lead Lined Doors

Lead lined doors are not different in appearance from other standard doors, but are very distinctive in their structure and are manufactured by applying lead sheets into the door, to meet specific requirements and to protect from radiation rays. From the special lock type to the door structure, these doors are designed to form an effective barrier to radiation.

Lead lined doors are specifically designed for areas exposed to radiation such as X-ray rooms, CT-scan rooms etc. These doors are very important to minimize health risks.

Normally 2mm thick lead sheet is used to manufacture these doors, lead sheet thickness can be increased if needed.

Lead lined door leaves can be manufactured as wood or steel, but door frames are only applied as steel.

All processes of lead lied doors from the production to installation, must be followed carefully and implemented by an expert.



Fire Rating: 30 min

Sound Insulation: 30 db

Climate Class: B

Fire Rating: 60 min

Sound Insulation: 32 db

Climate Class: B-C

Fire Rating: 30 min

Sound Insulation: 37-39 db

Climate Class: B-C

Fire Rating: 30 min

Sound Insulation: 42 db

Climate Class: B-C

Fire Rating: 30 min

Sound Insulation: 44 db

Climate Class: B-C


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