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about Fire Doors

we are there for you whenever you need safety

DTEC offers safety and fire resistance in aesthetic integrity with architectural concept.
EcoTec Fire Doors

If you need an affordable, certified and economical solution, Ecotec Fire Door is what you are looking for…

SmartTec Fire Doors

Certified doors with high functionality and quality

ResistTec Fire Doors

High-end doors with special design, heavy duty features and functionality

Wooden doors are offered with finishing material of your choosing in 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes fire rating options. These doors are available a single leaf and double leaf doors. The appearance of these doors is not different from standard interior doors and fits into any interior.

Our doors are certified
Steel fire doors with EI-60, EI-90 and EI-120 fire rating options

Wooden doors with FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 fire rating options

Enquire with us before reaching final decision
We provide certified fire door solutions for every budget
We provide special solutions

All you need to do is to specify your requirements.


We provide technical assistance on every aspect of your door, if you wish.

fire doors
double leaf fire doors

Please write your comments and suggestions here. Please submit your requests via e-mail.

Thank you


Doors are tangible and visible part of your projects…

We design our fire doors aesthetically with anti-theft certificates.

fire rated doors



Fire doors are like insurance, usually forgotten in a corner of your building, but protecting your life when you need it. The most important issue in process of choosing a fire door is to find the doors with proper fire rating certification and ensuring that the doors are produced according to that certification. The fire door production characteristics of each company differ from each other. Bill of materials is prepared by R&D department before or during certification process. Steel sheet thickness is not a defining feature in achieving fire resistance; quality, density and other characteristics of insulation materials are more important. It is necessary to consider reliability of the company you choose to supply the fire door, whether the fire door is manufactured under the certification conditions and whether the fire door is correctly assembled or not.

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