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Fire Rated


to ensure safety with warmth of wood…

30 - 60 - 90  minutes fire rated certified wooden doors

Fire resistant wooden doors have also sound insulation features.

"Fire Rated Wooden Doors are certified doors manufactured to meet special requirements. These doors are mainly used in hotels and hospitals. We also recommend to use them in schools."

Fire Rated Wooden Doors are manufactured to withstand high traffic of people in hotel, hospital, commercial and school projects.

Special door panels and hardware is used in manufacturing the fire rated doors.

There is a wide range of finishing materials for fire rated wooden doors. HPL laminate, wood veneer, lacquer paint or melamine are surface finishing options and almost any color or design is available.

Fire Resistance :30 Min
Sound Insulation : 30 Db
Climate Class : Class B
Fire Resistance :60 Min
Sound Insulation : 32 Db
Climate Class : Class B-C
Fire Resistance :30 Min
Sound Insulation : 37-39 Db
Climate Class : Class B-C
Fire Resistance :30 Min
Sound Insulation : 42 Db
Climate Class : Class B-C
Fire Resistance :30 Min
Sound Insulation : 44 Db
Climate Class : Class B-C