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fire rated wooden doors

Our only area of interest are doors !



fire doors with glass
ICU doors
hermetic doors
sliding hermetic doors
metal depo kapısı
fire doors
4 leaf metal storage doors
fire rated wooden doors montage
ofis kapısı

We give information !

We offer you clear, detailed information, technical data and support, so that you can relax within the entire project process without any question marks in your mind. You know what you will get from the very beginning of the project.​

We are experts in doors !


We are qualified and equipped with all kind of technical information, certification and procurement services. (Low-end doors used in housing projects are not in our product range).

We follow up !

​We follow up our work until the last screw is in place. During the execution of the project you will definitely find a business partner that will find and offer a solution to your needs. (Since the door is the final item of a construction, the cost of errors is very high and hard to recover.)

We look after the balance of costs and benefits!!

All products are supplied with the optimal quality, technical hardware and price required by the project. We also provide support in terms of high quality and architectural visuals.

We aim for the best !

.We are one of the best technical people in terms of both management, technical and field staff, and we complement and develop each other constantly.

We provide references !

​In international projects, considering the type and features of the project, we can provide references from the world's most respected and relevant companies, if necessary (depending on availability), face to face.

We don't compromise !

In projects that require technical knowledge, we offer our solutions fully aware of our responsibilities and with our experience and we do not compromise on health and quality matters.

We provide convenience of supplying from a single source !

We are the only company where you can solve both domestic and imported doors and hardware from one source at the most optimal cost.

We guide !


We guide you on technical solutions for the desired quality and needs.

We know languages !

We have full time technical staff at the head office who speak English, Russian and Turkic Republics languages, which we believe is a great convenience in communication.

Dtec Door Solutions Inc.

Cigdemli Sokak, No: 11/6, Esatpasa / Atasehir / ISTANBUL / TURKEY

E-mail :


Thank you.

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