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Hybrid doors are designed to meet more technical expectations and often used in areas with intensive use such as hospitals, hotels and commercial projects.


This type of door is designed by combining galvanized steel or aluminum frame with wood leaf and by applying steel kick plates, push plates and armor plates, impact resistant or fire resistant glass.

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1010 - W

1020 - H

Color Coding

Wood applications

Steel sheet

Glass applications

Hardware options

Aluminum (can be used instead of steel sheet)

1030 - H

1040 - H 

1050 - H

1021 - H

3010 - H

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1060 - H

1070 - H

1080 - H

1090 - H

1029 - H

1590 - H

1510 - H

2010 - H

2010 - S


It is important to choose hospital doors with thermal and sound insulation, fire resistance and heavy duty features and which are wide enough to allow disabled patients easily pass through these doors.

We offer functionality of steel and aesthetics of wood in оne composition.

ICU Doors

Hermetic Doors

Folding Doors

Lead Lined Doors

Sliding Doors

Multipurpose Technical Doors

Fire Rated

Wooden Doors

Partition Wall

Heavy Duty Hospital Doors

Sliding Doors


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