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Hospital Doors

complete solutions for hospital

Hybrid doors are designed to meet more technical expectations and often used in areas with intensive use such as hospitals, hotels and commercial projects.


This type of door is designed by combining galvanized steel or aluminum frame with wood leaf and by applying steel kick plates, push plates and armor plates, impact resistant or fire resistant glass.

yangına dayanıklı hastane kapıları


hermetik kapı

     not a single noise can pass through your door!    

Sound protection  of 39,4 dB* on our standard wooden doors

39,4 dB*: A loud speech in front of the door is faintly audible, can only be heard as an incomprehensible whisper if it is listened carefully from inside.

Kayar Hermetik Kapı
kurşunlu x-ray kapısı
yoğun kullanıma uygun kapı
teknik alan kapısı
kayar kurşunlu kapı

Hermetic Doors


They are doors that are produced automatically or manually, with sliding and normal opening, with certified tightness. 

ses yalıtımlı hastane kapıları

Fire Resistant and Sound Insulated Wooden Doors


It provides strength of 30-60-90 and 120 minutes; are soundproof certified doors..

Lead Lined Doors

These doors, which are designed in such a way that there are no open spots on the entire surface, are offered as sliding and normal opening.

Hospital Interior Doors Suitable for Intensive Use

They are doors suitable for intensive use with certificates for opening and closing, vertical load resistance, impact resistance, resistance to static torsion, and material impact resistance.

menfezli depo kapısı
hastane depo kapısı

Multi-Purpose Technical Area Doors

These doors, which are especially preferred in technical areas and warehouse areas, are designed according to the desired feature.


Fire Doors

These are the doors that are durable for 30-60-90 and 120 minutes and offered as certified.

camlı yangın kapısı
çift kanat yangın kapısı
120 dakika yangına dayanıklı kapı
3 kanatlı kayar teleskopik kapı
ICU Kapıları - Acil Müdahale Kapısı
katlanır hastane kapısı
hastane katlanır kapıları
katlanır hastane kapısı

Folding Doors

These are the doors designed to ensure optimal use of narrow spaces.

ICU Doors for Intensive Care Units

These are the doors with 3 wings, which are needed in Intensive Care Units, that slide at the same time and provide a wide passage area with the possibility of normal opening.

Sliding Doors

They are especially preferred for evaluating the opening area of normal opening doors.

hastane kayar kapı

      your partner in hospital door solutions!      


hastane kapısı modelleri 1

1010 - D

hastane kapısı modelleri 2

1020 - H

Color Coding

Wood applications

Steel sheet

Glass applications

Hardware options

Aluminum (can be used instead of steel sheet)

hastane kapısı modelleri 3

1030 - H

hastane kapısı modelleri 4

1040 - H

hastane kapısı modelleri 5

1050 - H

hastane kapısı modelleri 6

1021 - H

Please write your comments and suggestions here. Please submit your requests via e-mail.

Thank you

hastane kapısı modelleri 7

3010 - H

hastane kapısı modelleri 8

1060 - H

hastane kapısı modelleri 13

1590 - H

hastane kapısı modelleri 15

1510 - H

hastane kapısı modelleri 9

1070 - H

hastane kapısı modelleri 10

1080 - H

hastane kapısı modelleri 14

2010 - H

hastane kapısı modelleri 16

2010 - S

hastane kapısı modelleri 11

1090 - H

hastane kapısı modelleri 12

1029 - H


It is important to choose hospital doors with thermal and sound insulation, fire resistance and heavy duty features and which are wide enough to allow disabled patients easily pass through these doors.

We offer functionality of steel and aesthetics of wood in оne composition.

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