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steel doors
We provide solutions with steel or hybrid doors for your special projects requirements.


· Cold Room Doors

· Stainless Steel Doors

and all other architectural door solutions you need…

ıcu doors
hermetic doors
steel doors
laminated doors for intensive use

Please write your comments and suggestions here. Please submit your requests via e-mail.

Thank you


We form together architectural solutions for your projects according to your designs and offer you healthy, aesthetic and comfortable to use products. 

telescopic ICU Doors
telescopic ICU doors

ICU Doors

hermetic (air tigth) operation doors
sliding hermetic doors

Hermetic Doors

fire rated wooden doors
fire rated wooden doors

Fire Rated

Wooden Doors

heavy duty laminated doors
door solutions for intensive use

Door Solutions for Intensive Use

door solutions for intensive use
lead lined hermetic doors

Lead Lined Doors

multipurpose technical doors
door solutions
operation doors

Multipurpose Technical Doors

double leaf fire doors
sliding doors

Sliding Doors

hospital folding doors
hospital folding doors

Folding Doors

warehouse doors

...and fire resistant and soundproof door solutions

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