Doors that are usually used in the interiors and made of wood materials. In general, there are three types of wooden doors.

Hollow Core Doors:
Doors that consist of solid wood stiles and rails with honeycomb paper core and finished with various panels such as MDF, hardboard, plywood. There can also be used wooden slats instead of honeycomb core.
Semi-Solid Doors:
Doors that consist of solid wood stiles and rails with tubular chipboard core and finished with various panels.
Solid Core Doors:
Doors that made of solid wood, low-density particle board, foam or one piece of medium density fiberboard.
Doors that are usually made of galvanized, DKP steel sheet or stainless steel.
Steel Security Doors :
Type of steel doors that widely used as house entrance doors.
Fire Doors (Emergency Exit Doors) :
Fire doors or emergency exit doors are doors with a fire-resistance rating that comply with buildings fire regulations and often made of steel sheet. Steel doors produced without compliance with any fire regulation are multipurpose steel doors often used as storage etc. door.
Hermetic (Air Tight) Doors :
Hermetically sealing doors are designed in compliance with air permeability regulations to prevent air, gas, radiation, water leakage in order to create and maintain a clean environment.

Doors that consist of different materials such as steel, wood, aluminum, glass.

Hybrid doors are designed to meet more technical expectations and often used in areas with intensive use such as schools, hospitals, offices, hotels.

This type of door is designed by combining galvanized steel or aluminum frame with wood leaf and by applying steel kick plates, push plates, armor plates, and aluminum profiles, impact resistant or fire resistant glass.

To obtain expected efficiency with hybrid doors, it is important to choose right materials and combination of them and carry out a meticulous and accurate work from production to installation.

DTEC offers you a wide range of wooden, steel and hybrid doors, from fire doors mandatory according to regulations to heavy-duty industrial doors to meet your aesthetic and security expectations and requirements.

DTEC offers hermetic, semi-hermetic and commercial door solutions for your requirements. Our product range includes commercial doors such as hermetic doors, fire resistant steel and wooden doors, stainless steel doors.

DTEC offers integrated solutions for residential and office projects with high quality doors and hardware sets.

DTEC provides wood, steel and hybrid door solutions with fire-resistant or non-resistant properties in special and qualified projects such as airports,  hotels, shopping malls. All inquiries are answered by qualified and expert staff.

DTEC responds to your requirements of heavy duty and frequent use doors in commercial projects by offering wooden doors, steel doors and hybrid door solutions in a single package.




Our primary goal is to provide integrated solutions for fire rating wooden doors, fire doors, wooden doors and architectural hardware including all stages from providing shop drawings, specifications, pricing, to field application and installation with leading manufacturing companies in the industry.

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Doors and fixed furniture are visible face of your projects…

We constantly renew our product range to provide quality and aesthetic solutions.

Overall Solutions for Special Products Requirements

DTEC offers you a wide range of fire rated wooden doors, fire doors, interior wooden doors. Experienced technical staff will provide extensive assistance from determining your requirements to the delivery of finished products.


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